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Our Services

Generator Overhaul

Generator Mega specialize in generator engine overhauls and repairs. Various brands such as Cummins, Volvo, Perkins, Scania , German Duetz, Kipor, ADE and Weichai power engines, to name but a few, are completely overhauled and reconditioned by our trained Technicians at affordable and competitive rates to ensure a long and lasting life span of the Generator set. All parts of the engine is tested and scrutinized thoroughly to ensure all faulty and or worn out parts are replaced or repaired. We also do engine replacements in case of old age, costly repair scenarios or where engines have been discontinued by the manufacturer. We as a team pride ourselves in excellent quality and workmanship to the highest of standards.

With our experience of more than 20 years in the Generator market we are able to do various conversions on generators. We can manufacture adaptors to fit alternators to various engines where there a no adaptors available. We convert open sets to closed sound attenuated and even super silent units. 3 phase (4 pole alternators) can be re wired and converted to single phase applications. Manual start machines are converted to Auto start with automatic change over switches with ease on the existing design.

Generator Conversions

New Generator Builds

Our generator enclosures/canopies have been developed and adapted through extensive research and practical experience over the years. We use a CMT (Cut-Machine-Trim) proses to manufacture the enclosures. The enclosure consists of an individual bolt on sections; the bolts make it possible to maintain, repair and replace the individual sections. The bolt-on roof has been designed with a pitch that allows water to run down instead of accumulating on the roof, thus ensuring a prolonged lifespan. LED- lights are fitted as a standard feature in our enclosures; the lights make it easy to work in dark conditions.

We recently added a new Super Silent enclosure to our range. This canopy has been designed specifically for densely populated areas where low noise levels are crucial. Although there are other silent canopies available in the market, we have identified various problems of which the most important is overheating when operating at very high temperatures; this will shorten the lifespan of your generator. Generator Mega has a solution to this problem; with the help of our uniquely designed air flow system, we can ensure the cool running of our super silent generators at all times.

All our generators are manufactured with brand name engines, and quality replacement and service parts. Additionally, we have supplier back up services available in South Africa at all times. The brands that we use include:

We make use of brand name alternators  which are imported from Italy as well as the United Kingdom, namely Sincro, Marelli and Stamford. These alternators carry a standard 2 year warranty from the supplier. Spares and replacement parts are available in South Africa at all times.

Although we may not sell the cheapest generators, we make up for the price difference by supplying the best quality generators and services that money could ever buy.

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Installations & Commissioning

Generator Mega specialize in Generator installations, integration and commissioning of all types of generators. From small home and office use to more complex synchronized units for mines, data centers, specialized plant and hospital applications where load on demand plays a crucial role. We do all civil works, cable trays and cable work as part of our turn- key solution to the client

Electrical Testing Generator Programming