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Diesel generator sets – used for either prime or backup (emergency) power – must be regularly maintained to ensure they provide quality power throughout their service life. During the running of the diesel generator, the exhaust system, fuel system, DC electrical system and engine require close monitoring for any leaks that can cause hazardous occurrences. As with any internal combustion engine, proper maintenance is essential. Diesels are no exception, and the most important maintenance is oil changes at every 250 hours of operation for a long and trouble-free life assurance.

With more than 20 years of experience with generators we have acquired the necessary knowledge to predict when certain components will fail or be in need of service to ensure a reliable power source in case of an emergency or when used as an prime power application.

With our extensive preventative maintenance programme we are able to pick up problems and carry out necessary repairs before failure or extensive damaged occur.

Our main responsibility would be to inspect systems, study the technical data provided by the manufacturers, maintain records and take precautionary measures for safety as suggested by the manufacturers.

Some of the steps taken to ensure smooth generator operation while carrying out scheduled maintenance include:

• Timely removal of worn out parts or upgrading the components

• Checking fluid levels

• Battery inspection and cleaning of connections

• Load testing

• Verifying control panel readings and indicators

• Changing fuel and air filters

Small investments made in replacing components and maintaining generators on a regular basis can save expensive and unnecessary upgrades or even replacement of the entire genset in future.

When performing routine maintenance, each action taken will be logged, and the readings and various parameters are recorded along with the date of inspection and hour meter reading of the generator. These set of readings are compared with the next set of data collected. Any absurd variation of readings indicates faulty performance of the unit.

Load testing of automatic transfer switches in regular intervals keeps track of the component’s electrical and mechanical integrity in the actual mechanical transfer operation. Other factors to be checked periodically are starting and timing relays, start signal continuity, and utility phase sensing.

Preventative maintenance thus ensures that you get uninterrupted power supply for all your needs. You are assured of service on priority basis in case of dire emergency and discounted service rate for additional support or work. Once a business enters into such contracts, the facility can relax on this aspect as the maintenance provider keeps track of when the next servicing is due and makes the visits in regular intervals.


Contaminated diesel (Water, algae etc) causing generator fuel starvation and injection system failure


The Duvalco Modular Fuel Management System (MFS)

8 Reasons to use the Duvalco MFS:

1. Water and contaminant (algae) is removed from the lowest point of the day- tank.

2. Continual separation & automatic draining of water prevents further  algae growth due to no water presence. The drained water meets laboratory approved general effluent standards

3. The Duvalco Fuel Management System filters and polishes the diesel even when the genset is not running, as it operated independently by AC or DC

4. The Duvalco MFS is an auxiliary fuel management system, so has no effect on restriction of diesel flow to genset.

5. The diesel is maintained in pristine condition ready for use by genset, whenever.

6. Our patented system requires no manual draining of water as the water is drained mechanically, automatically

7. Pro-active maintenance of the diesel ensures optimization of genset up-time and service delivery.

8. Due to the filtration of the diesel in the day-tank itself, the up-line filter life is improved.

Duvalco Filter System Diagram

As part of our preventative maintenance programme we install a DSE WebNet that can communicate with our DSE control-panels to relay real-time data back to our call centre. This will enable us to identify a fault condition and dispatch the correct technician to the site the first time. The DSE Webnet also enables us to clear a minor fault condition and start the generator remotely. Our technicians are equipped with either a smart phone and or tablet that will also enable them to access a fault condition remotely and if possible clear the fault and start the generator.

DSEWebnet® provides a web-based control and monitoring solution for DSE control modules all over the globe.

DSEWebnet® supports single or multi-set systems via a range of devices, which support a suitable internet browser. This includes Laptop / PC, Smart Phone or Tablet devices.

On-screen information presents real-time generator and system information in an easy to use format with a flexible means of data transmission through Ethernet or GSM 3G via the DSEWebnet®  gateway device. Location information can be provided by an external GPS antenna connected to the DSEWebnet® gateway device.

DSE Data Sheet

DSE Data Sheet

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Duvalco Modular Fuel  Management System AC/DC

DSE WebNet

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